Behind The Camera

The Artist

I'm Jason, founder of Dream Vista Studio and artist. As a painter uses brushes and pigments, I use lenses and filters to invite viewers into my visual imagination. I explore composition, detail, and light to create moments that interweave a sense of discovery and mystery.

As nature interacts with itself, I capture light and form, coaxing images to reveal their true depth. My intention is to share my perspective of these thrilling "Awe-Ha" moments!

My Influences

I’m inspired by the way surrealistic art uses dreamlike elements to re-envision the natural world. In particular, I was influenced by the work of Roger Dean, Eyvand Earle, Maxfield Parrish and Salvatore Dali.

Roger Dean was well known as chief artist for the rock group Yes. He created fantasy based worlds of floating rock islands, suspended waterfalls and jungles with menacing flying elephants.

Eyvand Earle was an artist and a significant contributor to Disney animations including “Sleeping Beauty”. His independent work is based largely on Central California landscapes, where whimsical rolling hills of green and black oak trees abound.

Maxfield Parrish spent time in Arizona where he perfectly captured the large cumulus clouds of the monsoon season and depicted them into his art deco-style paintings.

Salvador Dali, the Spanish surrealist artist renowned for his technical precision and absurd, striking imagery.


I spent much of my career in emerging technologies, including managing projects that promoted digital imaging and video at Rockwell Semiconductor Systems and the Walt Disney Company. In this period, my love for art/photography merged with the technology of digital imaging, as technology was turning the world of photography on its head.

Over the past few years I have submitted my art photographs to the Arizona State Fair, where I have won many ribbons and accolades across several classes of photography. In 2021 I won six awards, including two first place ribbons.

I am originally from San Diego and have settled in the Phoenix Metro area.